The Cinematic Advantage

As a full service creative agency, we possess a unique edge that sets us apart in the world of the built environment- Our Cinematic Advantage. With our studios located in the vibrant cities of Los Angeles, New York, and Boston, we draw inspiration from the pervasive influence of film and infuse it into our work. Our creativity is fueled by the exploration of our environment and the profound bond between architecture and film. Guided by this inspiration, we embark on a continuous journey, pushing the boundaries of visual media towards the realm of cinematic expression. This is the essence of our advantage—a fusion of branding and film that elevates the impact of our work to new heights.




We believe our partners can trust us in the fierce pursuit of artistic and cinematic excellence, sharing what we’ve learned over the many years in order to deliver the graceful solution. We believe that good form fuels our success.

Craig Shimahara

Craig is the President and Founder of Shimahara Visual. With over twenty years of experience he leads the company’s pursuit of artistic and cinematic excellence. His devotion to his clients and their goals is what enables the company to consistently deliver superlative architectural experiences through film, branding illustration, and virtual reality.    


Elizabeth Parker

Elizabeth is the Chief Creative Officer for Shimahara Visual. She creates and nurtures relationships in multiple markets. With a background in photography she also helps lead the team to create unique narratives and compelling assets for diverse projects. She will be part of the team executing and conceptualizing creative and strategy for campaigns.  


Brett Ribeneck

Brett is the Studio Director for the Los Angeles office. With a background in concept art and watercolor, he is able to help the team with composition, design and production of each project.He will be the main point of contact for client communication to produce cohesive and compelling final packages.   


Brian Martinez

Brian is the Studio Director of the New York office. He has been building Shimahara Visual’s presence on the East Coast since he helped launch the office in 2017. With a background in flimmaking and photography he leads the team’s efforts in the production of high performance imagery through the use of the cinematic language. 


Shannon Strickland

Shannon is the Studio Director of the Boston office. He helms our newest studio location in Boston, developing lasting relationships with our clients in that region while leading a growing team of creative artists and brand experts. He sees her career as the fusion of an architectural education with a love for the magic of storytelling.


Chase Morikawa

Chase is the Director of Operations for Shimahara Visual. He will take the lead in delivering innovative new media content. With over 12 years of experience he is able to provide technical and creative direction for animations, virtual reality, and interactive technology projects.


Mark Villanueva

Mark is the Director of Branding for Shimahara Visual. He brings over 7 years experience in leading creative campaigns in digital, graphic, print, and interactive design. Mark will lead the design team on execution of creative assets to produce cohesive and cinematic marketing campaigns.


Igor Neminov

Igor is the Art Director and applies his elevated eye for design in producing cinematic imagery for our clients. Having studied architecture and design, his career path has enabled him to combine his passions for visual arts, photography, and cinema to create exquisite brand expressions. Igor works to achieve what he calls capturing the sublime. His goal is to infuse the work with a higher degree of thought that allows for a wider range of interpretation.


Michelle Obayda

Michelle is the Art Director and helps guide the team to produce superlative imagery and dynamic narratives through her cinematic eye. Michelle grew up in London and studied Architectural Design in Edinburgh before hopping the  pond and making her home in New York City. She previously worked as an Environment Artist at Rockstar Games for 6 years before getting into Architectural Visualization, and is excited to see how realtime technology enhances the art of visualization.


Client List

AC Martin
BCV Architects
Brandywine Realty Trust

Clive Wilkinson Architects
DLR Group
Ennead Architects
ERYC Architects
Federal Realty
Forum Real Estate Group
FXCollaborative Architects
Gehry Partners


Grimshaw Architects

Hackman Capital Partners
Handel Architects

Harley Ellis Devereaux

Hensel Phelps

HGW Architects


HLW International

Hudson Pacific Properties
IMT Capital

Jerde Partnership

Johnson Fain
Kilroy Realty

LBA Realty


Millennium Partners
Monian Group
Montalba Architects

Moore Ruble Yudell

Perkins Eastman
Perkins & Will

RCH Studios
RXR Realty

Serious Work
Shigeru Ban Architects


Stonebridge Companies

Stonehill & Taylor Architects
Studios Architecture

The Ratkovich Company
Trammell Crow

ZGF Architects